Cursos de Inglés




MÓDULO 1: Welcome. Nice to Meet You

TEMA 1. Good Evening, I’m Ann Diálogo: Nice to Meet You. El Alfabeto, el Artículo, el Verbo “To Be”, Nacionalidades y Países, el Saludo, Presentaciones, Días, Meses y Estaciones

TEMA2. I’m 30 Years Old Diálogo: An Interview, Los Números, Los Sustantivos, Verbo Have Got, Edad, La Fecha, La Familia, Profesiones

TEMA 3. What Is He Like? Diálogo: This Is My Family. Adjetivos, Pronombres, El Presente Simple de los Verbos Gustos y Preferencias, El Físico y la Personalidad. Partes del Cuerpo, El Genitivo Sajón

MÓDULO 2: It’s Time to Go On

TEMA 4. There Is Some Milk in the Fridge Diálogo: It’s All So Expensive Contables / Incontables, Some / Any, How Much / How Many, A Lot Of / Much / Many A Little / A Few, There Is / There Are, (Haber El Precio (The Price) Pasado Simple, Alimentos

TEMA 5. Take the First Turn on the Left Diálogo: Can You Help Me? Preposiciones, La Hora, El Imperativo, El Pronombre, Objeto, Direcciones, La Ciudad. Comercios y Profesiones “Can” y “Could”. Otros Verbos Modales

TEMA 6. Have you Got Anything in Blue? Diálogo: Have You Got Anything In Blue? El Pronombre “One”, Presente Continuo, Futuro, El Comparativo, El Superlativo Shopping (De Compras) Quejas / Disculpas Clothes

MÓDULO 1: Starting a Business

TEMA 1. The Situation Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives Prepositions Past Simple A Formal Setter Shops Money

TEMA 2. I Have Lived in this City Noun + Noun Expressions Infinitive with and without To Present Continuous for Future Contractions and Useful Language How to Write and Read Numbers Advertising Airport and Plane

TEMA 3. Good Comercial Letters Present Simple Order of Adjectives Expressions with Will Have y Have got Measurements and Furniture Telephone Basics

TEMA 4. At a Trade Fair Comparatives and Superlatives Adverbs of Frequency Present Simple Vs Present Continuous A Letter of Enquiry Materials and Fabrics Patterns and Colours

TEMA 5. Every Problem is an Opportunity When + Present Simple with Future Meaning Passives Requests with Can and Could Letter of Reply The Office Buying and Selling

TEMA 6. Cultural Differences Past Tense of Irregular Verbs Articles a/an, the Must and Might Computing

MÓDULO 2: A Company Come True

TEMA 7. A Business Course Question Forms Must and Should Imperatives A Letter of Complaint The Workshop

TEMA 8. Solving some Mistakes Questions with Would Time Conjunctions Countable and Uncountable Words Transport Information Packing Transport

TEMA 9. Money Matters Present Perfect with Already, Ever and Yet Present Perfect with For and Since Future in if-Clauses -ed and –ing adjectives Some Examples of -ed and –ing adjectives Personality

TEMA 10. Dealing with Complaints Verb + Object + Infinitive with or without To Relative clauses with who and which (Be) Going to Will or Going to. Predictions In the Shop Human Resources

TEMA 11. An Offer from an Agency If Clauses + Would Conjunctions Future for Arrangements A Business Letter to Apologise Companies Contracts & Job Skills

MÓDULO 1: This is our Best Starter

TEMA 1. I´m Introducing your Family: Present Continuous, Present Continuous and Present Simple, Past Simple, Past Continuous, What Time Is It?, Saludos, Despedidas y Presentaciones, Offers & Requests, Las Partes del Cuerpo, Las Personas, La Familia

TEMA 2. I have Live in this City: Present Perfect, Present Perfect and Past, Have got and Have, La Posesión, El Genitivo Sajón, Sustantivos Compuestos, Sustantivos Derivados de Verbos, La Ciudad, El Hogar

TEMA 3. I´ll Bring you the Menu Used to I’m Going to, Will/Shall, I will and I’m Going to, Clases de Adjetivos. Posición, Adjetivos Distributivos, Adjetivos de Cantidad, Las Comidas, Accesorios de Mesa, Desayuno

MÓDULO 2: Main Dishes

TEMA 4. Let´s go Bar Hopping Can, Could and Be able to, Must and Can´t Have to and Must, Clases de Pronombres, Clases de Adverbios, Posición de los Adverbios, Uso Particular de algunos Adverbios, Bebidas, Aperitivos y Tapas Típicas, La Cocina, Frutas y Verduras

TEMA 5. I would Like the Waffle, Please: Should Would Can / Could / Would you…? Las Preposiciones, Las Conjunciones, Pescados y Mariscos, Aves y Caza Caldos, Arroces y Guisos, Huevos y Tortillas, Postres, Información Turística Viajar y Alojamiento